Tooth Extraction Doesn’t Have to Be Like Pulling Teeth

Enjoy a painless tooth extraction in Concord, NC
If your teeth have gotten to a point where they cannot be repaired and restored, you may have to remove them. You can rely on Dr. Philip M. Sobo, DDS of Concord, NC to remove teeth for you. Don’t worry – we make this process as comfortable and painless as possible for our clients.

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You may not want to have your tooth removed, but there are a few cases in which it’s necessary. Here are a few reasons you may need one of your teeth extracted:

    1. To remove wisdom teeth
    2. To prevent dental crowding
    3. To remove a baby tooth that will not fall out naturally
    4. To get rid of a decayed or broken tooth
    5. To make room for dentures or implants

Consult with Dr. Philip M. Sobo about the condition of your teeth, and we’ll determine whether you’re due for an extraction.

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